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The system is easy to use and easy to train staff to use; while operating at a speed equivalent to a 4-slice conventional CT. Images can be exported as DICOM and viewed by any adequate DICOM viewing software. The Vimago is mobile and can be moved throughout a facility to be used as a diagnostic or interventional Multi-modality imaging device. The Vimago does not require any special build-outs or special shielding and uses a standard 220V electrical outlet.

The Vimago is an entirely new and patent-pending type of CT technology that has been engineered specifically for the veterinary market.


The highest resolution CT system comes from re-inventing CT technology. Resolution of the CT is variable from 0.1mm 0.6mm as chosen by the operator (Compared to ~3.0mm with a standard CT). Any patient from 2oz to 200 lbs, can be effectively imaged. Soft tissue contrast resolution is fantastic. Standard Hounsfeld units for CT apply to Vimago CT images just as with any other CT. Data sets can tend to be relatively large due to the extremely high resolution, so very old computers with 4GB of less of RAM may have trouble with 3D viewing of the data sets once sent from the Vimago. Setup of a study (patient positioning and anesthesia not included) takes no more than a few minutes.


High resolution images, auto brightness/contrast, and frame rates from 1-16fps. Interventional imaging quality that beats C-Arm systems selling for considerably more. Any orientation of the patient may be viewed and gantry can move over the patient during the study.

Digital Radiography

May be used in single shot or scanning mode to allow an entire patient to be scanned in a single radiograph. Images may be taken at any angle.

The system comes with acquisition and viewing software built in including all types of 3D rendering and modeling. Support may be given by remote control of the system at any time via a Wifi connection.


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