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A responsible relationship between humans, companion animals, and livestock requires ensuring the health of animals.Dogs, cats, and horses are human companions. The role they play as they accompany us through life is growing in significance. Keeping this close relationship healthy is not just an obligation to our animal companions; it also protects humans from the transmission of disease pathogens. To this end, Bayer is constantly developing new, better products and improved forms of administration. Bayer Animal Health is not only for companion animals, though. Bayer protects millions of food animals as well by offering effective, safe animal health care products.Effective health care requires a healthy environment for both man and animal. Maintaining a healthy environment prevents diseases that can be transmitted to animals or humans by way of pests such as insects or rodents. This is another area in which Bayer excels for instance, by delivering products that control malaria-carrying mosquitoes and pests that contaminate or destroy foods.
Responsible CareThe manufacturing standards we enforce for our products in terms of quality, effectiveness, and safety are just as stringent as those applied to pharmaceuticals for humans. What's more, we've made a long term commitment to the maxims of Responsible Care.
Responsible Care is a voluntary campaign spearheaded by the chemical industry. It obligates Bayer Animal Health to generate constant improvements in the areas of health, safety, and environmental protection. In so doing, its objectives often surpass all legal requirements.
Global Presence
Bayer Animal Health is represented in well over 100 countries and in all major markets the entire world over.This customer proximity and the knowledge of the special needs and problems of each particular country and region enable us to rapidly communicate experiences from the field in order to offer targeted, expert advice and deliver comprehensive information. Global partnerships and customer-oriented solutions and services are our goals.
Fields of Operation
Each species of animal and its associated diseases requires its own, specific healthcare solution. In order to better allocate our expertise and products, we concentrate our efforts on two fields: companion animals and food animals. To learn more about these fields of operation, please click below.


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